Our News
  • 06
    Jun 2012
    Cyrrhus at the Regional Seminar on the Protection of the Cultural Heritage, held in Beirut the 6,7 and 8 of June 2012
  • 01
    May 2012
    The Restoration of the Roman House will be presented at ICAANE 2012 by Jeanine Abdul Massih the 1st of May.
  • 24
    Apr 2012
    It is with great sorrow that we mourn the loss of our greatest friend the incredible caring Dr. ANTOINE SOULEIMAN archaeologist, scientist, and researcher. We owe him a lot.
  • 03
    Jan 2011
    In 2011 two campaigns of excavations were conducted on the site of Cyrrhus: the first one in June and the Second in October
  • The Theater of Cyrrhus
    Funded by the Shelby White-Leon Levy. The aim of this project is the publication of the archives and work of the french team on the theater and to open thru new studies wider and future researches and projects of conservation.
    List of our publications
    The bibliography of the publication and article of the Lebanese Syrian Excavation Team since 2006
    Main Street - Southern Gates - Urban Plan
    This researches are under the direction of Jeanine Abdul Massih (Lebanese University)
    The Citadel
    The research on the Acropolis or Citadel is conducted under the direction of Mathilde Gelin (CNRS/IFPO)
  • Geophysic survey
    Geophysic Survey of the Southern part of the lower City was undertaken from 2007-2011 by Christophe Benech (CNRS-ANR PROGECESA)
    Greek and Latin Inscriptions
    The epigraphical studies on Cyrrhus are undertaken by Frederic Alpi (CNRS/IFPO)
    Survey of Cyrrhus Territory
    The archaeological survey of the surrounding of the site and on the Cyrrhestic is undertaken by Justine Gagorit (IFPO)
    The Study of the Fortifications
    The research on the fortifications is undertaken by Shaker Shbib (DGAMS) as a PHD Thesis
  • The Mausoleum of Nebi Houri
    Funded by DGAMS - The restoration of the Mausoleum of Nebi Houri and the implementation of a visitor center
    This brochure will be printed and distributed in all museums of Syria and you can also fin it online and on site at Cyrrhus
    Funded by the Balamnand University under the direction of Nadine Panayot-Haroun
    Complementary Bibliography
    Publications with the mention of Cyrrhus
  • 1952-1995 French Excavations
    The Bibliography of the publications and articles of the Franch Excavation Team of Cyrrhus 1952-1995
    The Roman House
    Funded by the Wilson Foundation- World monuments Fund
    Church East of the Theater
    The work is under the direction of Laure Salloum (Lebanese University)