Our News
  • 06
    Jun 2012
    Cyrrhus at the Regional Seminar on the Protection of the Cultural Heritage, held in Beirut the 6,7 and 8 of June 2012
  • 01
    May 2012
    The Restoration of the Roman House will be presented at ICAANE 2012 by Jeanine Abdul Massih the 1st of May.
  • 24
    Apr 2012
    It is with great sorrow that we mourn the loss of our greatest friend the incredible caring Dr. ANTOINE SOULEIMAN archaeologist, scientist, and researcher. We owe him a lot.
  • 03
    Jan 2011
    In 2011 two campaigns of excavations were conducted on the site of Cyrrhus: the first one in June and the Second in October

Located 70km north of Aleppo on the Syrian-Turkish border, the site of Cyrrhus, of approximately 65 hectares, was founded in the Hellenistic Period (3rd century BC) and it named the Cyrrhestic province. Later, it was occupied by the Romans, the Byzantines, and the Arabs until it disappeared at the end of the XII century AD.

Since 2006, the Lebanese and Syrian archaeological team, directed by Jeanine Abdul Massih (Lebanese University) and Shaker Shbib (Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums of Syria), carried out new excavations and researches, in order to understand the successive constructions and occupations in the city and the nearby territory. Therefore, an important program was implemented and developed on the urbanism the fortification, and the monuments of the site previously excavated.